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How to Become a Client Magnet and Make $10k+ Months!

…get clients falling on you like confetti without a huge audience or spammy messaging!!

+ Plus Get a FREE Client Magnet Workbook!

Three secrets you’ll learn in this free workshop…


How to find your people, get more followers, and crank up your engagement no matter what the algorithm is.


How to quickly build real relationships in a way that isn’t salesy, spammy, or slimey.


How to create a simple social media plan that converts followers to paying clients without complex tech.


Simple strategies that really work—algorithm-proof your social media!

I’m Tiffany Barry, and as a marketer with 10+ years under my belt…

I believe most marketers are full of it.

Because here’s the thing: marketing doesn’t have to be hard.

You don’t need to be wasting hours chasing algorithm hacks or listen to some millionaire business guru teach you strategies that simply don’t work without a gigantic following.

So let’s cut the complicated B.S. and get you a simple social action plan that makes you money month after month!


Is this really a LIVE webinar?

This training is a webinar recorded live with live Q+A throughout where you’ll learn the secrets behind the MAGNET Method™, my proven system for getting clients on social media quickly and consistently!

Is this webinar right for me?

If you run an online business, and you want to make social media work better for you, this free webinar is right where you need to be.

This is especially ideal for service-based business owners like coaches, consultants, OBM’s, virtual assistants—anyone whose main business is a service and who works with clients.

Will there be a Q+A session?

Absolutely! I answer questions along the way, but I also try to make sure I email answers out to those of you who have questions that I didn’t have a chance to answer live.

How do I register?

Click on any of the registration buttons to save your spot. Once registered, you’ll receive an initial email and 2 reminders with the link to join the webinar.

Will there be a replay available?

Yes, a replay will be available to everyone who registers. I understand life happens. However, I urge you to be a part of this live—we’re action takers around here, and I want you to get the tools to get moving on your goals fast!


Are you in?

Disclaimer: this webinar is an entirely free workshop that will give you the actionable steps to take to get clients using social media. Results aren’t guaranteed and there is no magic bullet. A lot of hard work goes into growing your business, but if you’re willing to put in the hustle, I’m ready to teach you what to do to make it count.